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Volunteer Management

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Manager

Purpose: To manage all PRH Volunteers towards increasing effectiveness and productivity of intakes, rehabilitation, and outcomes.

Key Responsibilities: The position will oversee and implement all aspects of the volunteer program including recruitment, screening, placement, retention, appreciation, evaluation and development. Respond to all volunteer inquiries, have a general idea of the volunteer needs for the organization.

Location: Ranch Facility & Remote

Supervision: Managing Director

Length of Appointment: One Year

Time Commitment: Must be flexible; 0+ hrs/week.

Qualifications: In this critical position, the volunteer should have strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task, prioritize and build rapport with people. Experience managing people and/or volunteers strongly preferred solid working knowledge of Pets Return Home.

Volunteer Recruiter

Responsibilities: Bring new volunteers into the program by determining innovative recruiting. Retain reliable committed volunteers. Process inquiries and screen applicants.

Requirements: Recruiting and/or customer service experience desired. A keen understanding of both people and pets. We are looking for individuals who share a strong passion for PRH’s mission and a deep understanding of the requirements of a successful volunteer.

Time Commitment: up to  hrs/month

Volunteer Recruiting Coordinator

Responsibilities: Recruit new volunteers into the program. Conducts volunteer orientation. Utilize Craigslist, volunteer job boards and social media to recruit volunteers for specific needs.

Requirements: Strong communication and interpersonal skills, customer oriented and prior experience interacting with animals.

Time Commitment: 0 hrs/month

Volunteer Recognition Coordinator

Responsibilities: Coordinate volunteer recognition events, such as happy hours and social events (contact local restaurants, check out the facilities, secure the space for a large group at no charge, check for suitable parking and menu items, check calendars for conflicting events, send out invitations, arrive early to coordinate set-up, provide name tags, circulate at event and make any necessary introductions, etc.). Identify other unique ways to recognize existing volunteers. Help with any special recognition projects.

Requirements: Strong interpersonal skills, highly organized, ability to handle sensitive or confidential information appropriately.

Time Commitment: -8 hrs/month

Events Planner/Manager

Responsibilities: Coordinate and supervise the volunteers in planning adoption, fundraising and special events such as booths at local festivals and community events to promote PRH's message and community participation.

Requirements: Strong organizational and supervisory skills, enjoy working with people and pets, prior event planning experience preferred

Time Commitment: 0-15 hrs/month

Youth Program Manager

Responsibilities: Develop and manage youth programs that help young citizens grow into compassionate adults, responsible and better educated pet caregivers, and supporters of animal protection.

Requirements: Embody PRH values and ethics; basic communication skills and an enthusiasm for our purpose; creative thinking and a positive outlook and experience working with youth programs.

Time Commitment: 0-15 hrs/month


Responsibilities: Individuals with strong expertise to be a resource and build on the existing skills and knowledge of the board members and volunteer staff. Provide consultation and guidance in area of expertise, as needed on a project basis. Possible areas of expertise to be included, but not limited to: Marketing, Communication, Development/fundraising, Special Events, eLearning, Community Outreach, Youth Programs, Crowdfunding, Social Media, Volunteer Management, Foster based animal rescue, Sales

Time Commitment: Project basis

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