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Socialization Program

Pets Return Home currently uses three dog packs that assist in helping behavior challenged dogs learn canine manners, discover trust, build confidence and implement acceptable behavior patterns.

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 At our facility, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all our furry friends. Before introducing new dogs to our packs, we conduct a thorough three-day medical quarantine and behavior assessment. Our nonreactive pack members, each with their own unique behavior profile, help guide new dogs through their behavior growth. Our behavior development experts work closely with each dog individually as well to increase predictable behavior.

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Meet Our Canine Workers

Tucker swimming in the verde River.jpg


Rehabilitation Ambassador

Hi, I’m Tucker. I’m a Sharpei and Labrador mix (Sharbador). I’m so lucky. I was once on the list for euthanasia at the local animal control facility because I needed eye surgery for an ingrown eyelash. Fortunately, I was able to hook up with Pets Return Home. I’m sort of an expert here and I meet each new dog to see if they are overtly dog-on-dog aggressive. If the dog is, I just turn my back on him and walk away. I make sure there’s no fighting and the behavior specialists here note how the other dog reacts.


Play Activity Director

Hi, I’m Turbo. I’m a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog adopted from the local shelter. My job at Pets Return Home is to engage new dogs in play when they arrive. I’m pretty submissive and I can usually get even the grumpiest guests to play when I lie on my back.
Turbo hanging with the pack - zoomed in.


Sergeant at Arms; Puppy Management

Chase here. I offer outstanding correction skills in the Puppy IQ program. I really enjoy playing with all the dogs at Pets Return Home. I just won’t tolerate dog-on-dog aggressiveness.
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