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Adopt a Dog

When you adopt from Pets Return Home, you are saving a life!

Donate to Help Save Lives

At Pets Return Home, we are dedicated to giving homeless dogs a second chance at life. Our team of volunteers, behaviorists, and trainers work tirelessly to rehabilitate these dogs and transform them into loving family companions. We take pride in our intimate knowledge of each dog's behavior and needs, which allows us to help adoptive families select the perfect companion. We also provide post-adoption counseling and training to ensure a successful transition.

Adoption Process

Identify the dog you want to adopt

Fill out an adoption application 

Complete an interview and home check

Bring your family, including other household dogs, to the ranch to meet your potential new family member. *By appointment only

Complete & sign the adoption agreement to bring your furry friend home!

Our Adoption Fees Include:


        ✔ Spay/Neuter Surgery

        ✔ Current Vaccinations

        ✔ Microchip

        ✔ Deworming Treatment

        ✔ Behavior Support

Forms of payments we accept: cash, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and checks payable to Pets Return Home.

Want to learn more? See our Adoption FAQs

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