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Sanctuary & Special Needs Dogs

Sanctuary Dogs need sponsors and volunteers

Pets Return Home makes every effort to rehabilitate and find the best home for the special needs dogs in our care. Sadly, some of the dogs here have so much mental trauma, injury, or suffer from chronic illnesses that rehabilitation may not be enough. This limits their potential for adoption and leaving the ranch.
They are fed premium high energy food, receive ear cleaning, nail clipping, coat grooming (if needed), tick, parasite and skin preventatives, and have access to unlimited treats and toys. They are also socialized daily with the other dogs and humans as safety allows. 
With the support of our dedicated Sponsors, we are able to care for many of our special needs dogs. Please help us care for all special needs dogs, so we can continue to give them all the medical care and attention they need. We have limited space and we depend upon the generosity of our supporters and public charity to feed, house, continue treatment and provide the necessary care for these dogs.
If you are able to visit us, please come and share love and witness the growth of our dogs. Otherwise, you can help just as much by sponsoring a dog's needs for as little as $10 per month using our sponsor form below.  Every sponsored dog increases our ability to save more lives. 
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