Volunteer FAQs

Find the answers to frequently asked question about volunteering at Pets Return Home below.

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How do I volunteer at Pets Return Home?

We couldn't rescue the dogs most at risk without our volunteers. To become a volunteer, apply online here.

Who can volunteer?

We welcome anyone who is 10 years old and up, although minors age 10-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering.

What are the daily volunteer shifts at the ranch?

Shift time is 7:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Pets Return Home is on Mountain Time.

How do I schedule volunteer time?

We suggest you schedule your volunteer visit as far in advance as possible because we get very busy and each volunteer area has a maximum number of volunteers it can accommodate. Once you apply to become a volunteer, you will receive a link to sign up for volunteer opportunities during the time that works best for you.

What happens when I arrive at Pets Return Home?

You will have a pre-scheduled 10-minute check-in at the welcome area prior to volunteering. A representative from the volunteer department will meet with you to provide name badge, whistle, horn, walkie-talkie, schedule, and other important information to make your volunteer experience the best it can be.

Can I take an animal on an outing or sleepover?

Some of our dogs are approved to go with volunteers on outings and sleepovers which is a real treat for them. To take an animal on a sleepover or outing you’ll first need to volunteer at least five shifts in that specific animal area. Advance reservations are necessary for outings or sleepovers—those arrangements will be made onsite when you’re volunteering.

What should I wear volunteering?

For your protection, hard-soled and closed-toe shoes are a requirement for volunteering in any of the animal areas. Long pants are strongly recommended for volunteering. We advise dressing in layers during the spring, fall and winter months because the mornings can be chilly and the afternoons warm. Wearing a hat is a good idea because the sun is bright year-round.

Do you provide transportation?

Transportation is not provided so you’ll need your own vehicle to get around. Pets Return Home is located 5 miles from Tuzigoot national monument. If transportation is not possible for you, consider our volunteer from home opportunities.

Is there a place to eat at Pets Return Home?

No. We do provide refrigerator, coolers, freezer, cold water and iced tea. Sometimes we will have volunteer barbecue appreciation events. Typically you will need to bring all food and hydration needs for the day.

Can my own pets accompany me in the animal areas?

For everyone’s safety, your own pets are not allowed in any of the animal areas nor are they allowed to remain unattended in your vehicle.

Can special groups volunteer at Pets Return Home?

If your special group is interested in volunteering on a project together (for instance, Girl/Boy Scouts, church group, tour group, college or high school group, etc.), please contact our learning department at learning@petsreturnhome.org.

Where is Pets Return Home located?

Detailed information on traveling to Pets Return Home is available upon making an appointment.

Can I plan a camping field trip to the PRH Facility?

The animals love to welcome groups and our staff is delighted to help you design a trip that will be hands-on and fulfilling for whomever you bring, providing experiences specifically-tailored for groups from Girl Scouts to senior citizens. We can help you plan a one-, three-, or five-day discovery field trip any time of the year. We will balance your activities between service projects (really getting your hands dirty!), talks about issues that impact animals, fishing, hiking, swimming, overnight camping, and hands-on activities with our animals.

What are the PRH Facility Safety Guidelines?

To keep you & our dogs safe, here are a few things that you should be aware of before volunteering: - You must be at least 10 years of age to volunteer. - Children under 14 cannot walk dogs by themselves. - Closed-toe and hard soled shoes are required for volunteering. - Long pants are strongly recommended for volunteering. - Parking and driving are permitted only in designated areas. - It is very important to latch all gates closed when entering or leaving an animal area. - Please be aware that dogs like to jump up on people, which could cause or worsen injuries. - Please avoid any activity that might cause or exacerbate back, knee, or other pain; physical injuries or limitations; or allergies. Please consult with your doctor about precautions for your particular condition. - If you see a dogfight starting, blow your whistle or horn until a staff member arrives. DO NOT try to break up a fight yourself. - Trails are for walking only; running with the dogs is not allowed. - While we welcome your questions about our dog-training procedures, we ask that you please refrain from trying to train them on your own. - Please do not bring your personal pets to Pets Return Home without previous arrangements. - Please wear clothing appropriate for being outside in all types of weather including rain, snow, and extreme heat or cold. - Never enter an area containing an animal without permission. - Never approach an animal without checking with a staff member first. - Never run up to or approach an animal in a quick manner. - Don’t feed the animals treats without prior approval; some of the animals are on special diets or can be food-aggressive. - Do not place your face in harm’s way. If you put your face too close to an animal, he/she may turn or jump quickly, causing injuries.