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In-Program Dogs

Dogs in Rehabilitation need sponsors and volunteers

In-program dogs receive daily confidence and trust-building training exercises. The agility yard, river courage courses, free-ranging, and socialization help every dog feel safe with dogs and humans. They are challenged on many levels of behavior and issues are identified. We work with every dog according to what his needs are. No cookie-cutter approach.

Behavior training, premium quality food, treats, vaccinations, medical care, and grooming require human and financial resources to rehabilitate a "Last Chance" dog into an adoptable one. Some dogs graduate in months and others have taken years. 

They are always in need of help either financially or through volunteering. Please consider sponsoring monthly or volunteering to help these dogs find permanent homes.
If you are able to visit us, please come and share love and witness the growth of our dogs. Otherwise, you can help just as much by sponsoring a dog's needs for as little as $10 per month using our sponsor form below.  Every sponsored dog increases our ability to save more lives. 
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