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Our Work

Pets Return Home accepts abandoned, unwanted, euthanasia listed and behavior and medically challenged dogs. Most of these dogs have their 'Last Chance' at Pets Return Home.
Adoptable dogs have successfully graduated from the rehabilitation program by spending at least 3 and typically 12 weeks at the ranch. They are ready to give love to a lifelong loving home. We normally have 5 to 25 dogs ready for adoption.
Our Sanctuary dogs need more time to heal within to enter our rehabilitation program. Many are severely traumatized from neglect or abuse and are helped by our pack therapy program. Some will be here for the rest of their life. We currently have 25 permanent residents (2023)
Adopted dogs are loving companions who have been placed in loving homes. Our best-in-class adoption process ensures a lifelong family. Our return rate is below 2%. (2023)

Adoptable Companions

Many of the dogs that come to our ranch are victims of neglect, abuse, abandonment or human ignorance. These homeless victims are on their last chance for life when they arrive at Pets Return Home. With the help of volunteers, professional behaviorists and trainers we transform them into loving family companions using professional behavior rehabilitation, exercise, socializing and love.

A BIG ADVANTAGE to finding your companion at Pets Return Home is that we are intimately familiar with each dog’s behavior and needs because we work with them closely for weeks, months, and even years. This allows us to help each adoptive family select the best dog for them. We also provide post-adoption counseling and training to ensure success

Rehabilitation Program Dogs (In-Rehab)

Our In-program dogs receive dog-specific professional behavior or medical rehabilitation. We are meeting our goal by accepting over 1000 dogs into our program and finding homes for over 980 (2023). We typically have 8 to 12 dogs in our programs at a time.

Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Dogs

Pets Return Home makes every effort to rehabilitate and find the best home for the special needs dogs in our care. Sadly, some of the dogs here have so much emotional or physical trauma or suffer from chronic illnesses that rehabilitation may not be enough. This limits their potential for adoption and leaving the ranch. We provide them with a safe life-long home free of suffering and uncertainty.

We have limited space and we depend upon the generosity of our supporters and public charity to feed, house, continue treatment and provide the necessary care for these dogs.

Adopted Dogs

Our adopted dogs' lives have been saved by Pets Return Home. The families who adopt our dogs provide the love and care many of them never had. We have a less than 2% return rate for our dogs. We are committed to matching every dog with the best family. 
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