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  • The purpose of our existence is our mission.
  • Our vision statements describe what we wish to accomplish long-term and serve as our guide for choosing current and future courses of action.
  • Our goals represent our plan, commitment and desired short-term results.


  • Saving lives, enriching well-being and building adoptability of homeless dogs.


  • Pets Return Home will create a life-saving presence to save the lives of homeless dogs.
  • Pets Return Home will work with animal rescue organizations and community animal control facilities to rescue, develop behavior and teach manners to adoption-challenged dogs; enabling families to enjoy safe and enriching lifelong experiences with their companion pet.
  • Pets Return Home will create a facility capable of teaching others how to do what we do.


  • Reduce expenses associated with ‘adoption-challenged' homeless dogs for Animal Rescue Organizations and Animal Control Facilities leading to an increase in their effectiveness to save lives.
  • Build a medical clinic capable of helping dogs convalesce post-surgery or injury.


  • By year five we will save the lives of 500 adoption-challenged canines.
  • Build loving companion dog families by placing 450 adoption-challenged dogs.
  • Save the lives of 20 pregnant canines and their puppies.
  • Our guiding principles govern our actions in all circumstances, regardless of changes in our goals, strategies, types of work, or management. Values are the rules by which Pets Return Home makes decisions about doing the right thing versus doing the easy thing.
  • Observation - All life-impacting decisions require direct examination.
  • Integrity - Take responsibility in our efforts and leadership.
  • Professionalism - Sustain high performance and ethical standards.
  • Excellence - Anything less is unacceptable.
  • Social - Advance the human-animal bond for mutual benefit.
  • Accountability - Take ownership and responsibility in all interactions.
  • Impartiality - Adhere to equitable decision-making and activities.
  • Ethics - Do the right thing—every time.
  • Leadership - Lead by example.
  • Life - Life of all animals regardless of species, breed, or behavior is paramount.
  • Eliminate Suffering - Suffering of animals is unnecessary.
  • Family - Building a companion-pet family is natural.
  • The Lost - Never forget unfound pets and families.
  • Education - Teach all people and animals how to respect and live harmoniously with each other.
  • Safety - Ensure safety for all people and animals, in all interactions.
  • Collective Growth - Inspire collective action and continuous growth of the Pets Return Home model.
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