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Pets Return Home classifies our animal guests/residents as adopt-ready, in-program (behavior program), special needs and sanctuary.
Regardless of classification, all animals require sponsors/donors to help cover the cost of their behavior rehab, training, medical care and more.
Please consider helping us cover the costs of care so we can accept and transform even more dogs from unadoptable to adoptable.
Thank you so much!

Rescue Organizations & In-program Dogs

In addition to developing adoptable dogs, we endeavor to reduce unnecessary costs for rescue organizations. Many times a behavior-impaired dog will require single placement with a foster or in boarding. This reduces the capacity of the foster leading to dogs being put down in the shelter.Boarding a dog without addressing the behavior needs leads to deterioration, possible death of the dog and uses resources the rescue could use to save other dogs.
Like us, they have limited funds and depend upon supporters and public charity for sustained operation and effectiveness. We help all reputable non-profit status rescue organizations.
3 dogs and a human

Sanctuary & Special Needs Animals

Pets Return Home makes every effort to find the best home for all of the dogs in our care. Sadly, some of the dogs that come to us are irreparably injured -physically or psychologically- from abuse, neglect, injury or chronic illness. These dogs enjoy kennel-free sanctuary, exercise and socialization on our 4-acre ranch without fear, neglect or abuse.
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