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Lucky's Luck........

Pets Return Home is blessed with amazing volunteers and animal welfare connections. Lucky, a Labrador pit-bull mix is one of many ‘family rescue’ stories. Lucky and her three-week-old surviving puppies came to Pets Return Home in January 2022. 


They were living in an underground culvert 'maze'. Our friend Winnie took it upon herself to crawl through the maze of tunnels and block access so all puppies and mom would end up in one tunnel. Once that occurred she took the laundry basket and crawled on her hands and knees until she reached the puppies. She placed them in the basket and then headed out pulling the basket behind her. Momma Lucky followed. 

Winnie contacted Blackhat Humane Society who knew PRH had the facility and experience to care for the three-week old, malnourished puppies and mother. Chuck, a PRH volunteer drove the 12 hours round trip to bring them to us. We placed them in one of our nursery wards where they received high-calorie food, vaccinations, and parasite treatment.

Lucky, Tootsie, Candy, and Koko were integrated with our free-range pack of 50 adult dogs who helped them learn dog manners, socialization, and most importantly, build confidence. All the pups were adopted to loving homes.

Lucky had no sound when barking. She had a hard time breathing when playing so we took her to Verde Veterinary Hospital and Danza del Sol Veterinary Hospital for diagnosis. X-rays showed a BB lodged in her shoulder next to vertebral fragments. The BB destroyed her ‘voice box’ and scar tissue from the BB penetrating the esophagus caused an airway blockage. It also hit a vertebra and lodged in her neck area. Surgical consults with two surgeons revealed that an operation would not yield much improvement.

A remarkable family, Janet and Mike stepped up to adopt her despite the airway issue and lack of bark.  Unfortunately, Lucky’s “luck” did not end there. When she left our facility she had a little bleeding related to her spay, we thought. It was actually a uterine tumor. She was examined by specialists in Flagstaff and Gilbert.  The type of cancer she had was treatable/curable with chemotherapy.

We offered to take Lucky back to keep Janet and Mike from incurring the cost. Just like so many of PRH adopters they said “no, we won’t give up on Lucky, we love her”. After a year of chemotherapy by Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic – Lucky has been certified CANCER FREE.

Janet, Mike, Lucky and Pets Return Home are looking for help paying the $5000 bill. Will you help by donating to help with the costs? Compassionate and generous people like you are the heroes of animal rescue. 


Lucky has had bad luck and good luck let’s give her one more round of GOOD luck. Five veterinary hospitals, two Rescues, four individuals and $5000 saved Lucky to be a lifelong loving companion.

Thank you for your donation and for sharing Lucky's story. 


Pets Return Home saves unadoptable, abandoned, neglected, and abused homeless dogs. Our dogs run free (40+) on our seven-acre campus to build confidence and trust, resulting in stable and loving companions. We are a NO-KILL shelter staffed by volunteers and provide shelter, behavior/medical rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary for our dogs.

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