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We strive to save and enrich the lives of homeless dogs who are victims of human neglect, abuse, ignorance and animal shelter overpopulation. Through our unique rehabilitation model and facility, we increase confidence and trust within these dogs leading to an adoptable loving companion.
Our efforts are supported through donations, sponsorships and program revenue. By contributing today, you join a community dedicated to saving the lives of “no chance” dogs & helping them find a loving family.
Your gift will make a profound difference. Thank you for helping us Save Lives and Build Families.
  • Cash donations go directly towards food, training, medical care, housing, and facility maintenance.
  • Shopping & wish-lists provide the supplies we desperately need and we get a percentage of the purchase.
  • Sponsoring enables us to save more lives. Sponsor a specific dog, rescue, supplies and more.
  • Volunteering provides enrichment for the dogs and reduces our expenses for labor. Volunteers are vital to our success and positive outcomes every day.
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Donating provides the finances for purchasing food, medications, treats, toys, beds, housing, training, special services, facility maintenance, and a whole lot more.

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The homeless last chance dogs that come to us need love, training and support from people like you. Sponsor a dog today to save a life. 

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We are always in need of supplies. You can buy items on our wish lists and send them directlly to us. Use our Shop to Give  program & give even more. 

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Our Shop to Give program enables you to donate to us just by shopping for your everyday items or by purchasing items form our wish lists. 

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