Boarding for Nonprofit Rescues

In addition to developing adoptable dogs, we endeavor to reduce unnecessary costs for rescue organizations and provide unique care where the staff understands the needs of a rescue animal. In many cases, a behavior-impaired dog will require more than a foster can handle and boarding a dog without addressing the behavior leads to deterioration. 
Pets Return Home aims to offer an affordable outlet for rescue dogs, giving them the care and socialization they need, allowing the nonprofits to spend more time on advertising the dog for adoption and getting them into a home sooner.

Dogs get to enjoy a kennel-free sanctuary, exercise and socialization with other dogs on our 4-acre ranch without fear, neglect or abuse. Pricing includes food and bedding. All dogs require Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations, a flea and tick treatment, and must be spayed or neutered.


Are you a 501c3 nonprofit that would like to board your rescue dog with us? Please email

What type of food do the dogs eat?

We feed all the dogs high quality 4Health Grain Free Chicken.

Can I bring our own food?

Yes, if you prefer a different food or your pet requires a special diet, just let us know and we are happy to accomodate.

What type of training tools are used at the facility?

Are there vaccine requirements?

Yes, for the safety of all dogs, we require proof of a veterinarian provided Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccines. We also require dogs be on a flea and tick preventative due the area our facility is in. It is also recommended for dogs to be on heartworm prevention.

Will you work to get my boarded dog adopted?

All of our dogs, including dogs boarding here from other resuces are placed on our website as available for adoption. If possible, we will also take them to events we attend locally, but we have limited volunteers, it's really important that rescues work on their own ways of advertising their dogs as our focus is more on behavior and getting them ready for their forever home.