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Animal Operations

Volunteer Positions

PRH Animal Assessor

Responsibilities: Assist with the behavioral assessment of dogs at PRH and interact with PRH staff members and volunteers.

Requirements: Should have knowledge of animal behavior and be comfortable handling dogs with which they have no history (preferred training/behaviorist credentials required).

Time Commitment: Flexible schedule; up to 10 hrs/month

PRH Liaison

Responsibilities: Assist with identifying animals currently at PRH who are at risk. Provide additional information about their situation (both medical and behavioral), and work in conjunction with PRH Assessor Team.

Requirements: Should be an active PRH volunteer in good standing and will abide by PRH requirements.

Time Commitment: Flexible schedule; up to 10 hrs/month

Home Visit Volunteer

Responsibilities: Visit potential adopters in their home environment to assess safety and suitability for prospective adoptable pets. Visits should be no more than 20 minutes and checklist will be provided.

Requirements: Reliable transportation, driver’s license and car insurance. Good interpersonal and customer service skills.

Time Commitment: As needed, varies

Dog Training Specialist

Responsibilities: Work to assist with any dog behavior issues that arise. Maintain standard operating procedures for common behavior issues that occur with the rescue animals. Keep in close contact with the adoptive family to be sure recommended training is taking place and adjust program as needed until the animal is adopted.

Requirements: Must have prior behavior and training experience handling dogs.

Time Commitment: 5 hrs/month

Dog Handler

Responsibilities: Dog handlers are needed at our adoption events to manage leashed dogs, introduce dogs to potential adoptive families, walk dogs, and give lots of love and affection. This is the best opportunity for the dogs to be seen by the public and possibly find their forever home. You will be there to be the advocate for the dog. May also provide support in socialization of adopted dogs.

Requirements: Dog lover with prior experience handling dog with knowledge and ability to read dog body language. Must have a valid driver’s license to transport dogs when necessary. Will require orientation and training.

Time Commitment: -6 hours per month, mostly on weekends

Dog Training Resource Administrator

Responsibilities: Oversee administration of dog training offerings, including training classes and training/behavior partner referral list. Work with Adoption Program Manager to recommend appropriate trainers/behaviorists when the need arises. Suggest continuing dog behavior education opportunities for volunteers.

Requirements: Strong interpersonal skills, customer service, and background in dog training.

Time Commitment: 5 hrs/month

Adopter Follow-Up Program

Responsibilities: Act as a liaison between PRH and adopters by providing continued post-adoption support. Contact adopters periodically to check on how the pet is doing in its new home.

  • 3 days post adoption

  • 3 weeks post adoption

  • 3 months post adoption

  • 1 yr post adoption by mail

Provide any necessary support or resources and answer any questions.

Requirements: Strong organizational and follow through skills. Volunteers should fully understand the adoption process and enjoy working with people.

Time Commitment: Ongoing commitment; flexible *This is a virtual opportunity

Animal Transport

Responsibilities: Transport volunteers use their personal vehicles to transport animals and/or supplies (i.e. rescue pick up, chauffeuring animals to/from medical or therapy visits, picking-up donations or helping with special event transport). Errands/pick up donations/drop off supplies. Mileage reimbursement provided per PRH policy.

Requirements: Must have a reliable vehicle that is licensed and insured; the vehicle must have enough space for kenneled animals. Requires a valid driver’s license.

Time Commitment: Flexibility of schedule; -4 hrs/week.

Transport Coordination Manager

Responsibilities: Coordinate logistics of transport needs on behalf of the organization (i.e. rescue pick up, chauffeuring animals to/from medical or therapy visits, picking-up donations or helping with special event transport). Be the main point of contact to reach out to volunteers with transport needs.

Requirements: Ability to multitask, very organized, good at logistics, positive can-do attitude!

Time Commitment: Flexibility of schedule; -4 hrs/week (varies)

Vet Services Manager

Responsibilities: Assist in establishing and maintaining vet partnerships to facilitate reduced costs for animal care. Partner with Finance to ensure that proper analysis of vet expenditures is completed. Work closely with the Vet Services Coordinator to ensure medical providers have the ability to respond to PRH needs.

Requirements: Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills. Working knowledge of potential services and costs.

Time Commitment: -15 hrs/month

Vet Services Coordinator

Responsibilities: Provide support to Vet Services Manager.

Requirements: Volunteer must have access to email and phone and be able to respond during working hours. Requires knowledge of common canine and feline health issues.

Time Commitment: -15 hrs/month

Adoption Coordinator (Dog)

Responsibilities: Provide excellent customer service and assist adopters/potential adopters with their needs. Respond to general inquiries about assistance with pets and respond to general phone/email inquiries coming into the organization; answer questions about PRH dogs, policies and general information. Assist in finalizing adoptions by uploading adoption agreements into database. Provide adopters with electronic copies of all medical records. Register microchips and provide this information with additional post adoption support resources. Update data fields in database.

Requirements: Superior customer service and responsiveness. Needs to have access to email throughout the day. Volunteers should have a solid working knowledge of PRH; its history, mission and procedures as well as solid knowledge of the current inventory.

Time Commitment: Ongoing commitment; flexible *This is a virtual opportunity

Adoption Events Coordinator

Responsibilities: Coordinate with partners for adoption events Responsibilities also include posting adoption events on, PRH website, Facebook and notification to Community Outreach and Social Media Coordinators of events to publicize. Updates internal database ( regarding attendance of pets at each event.

Requirements: Strong organizational and customer service skills.

Time Commitment: Time Commitment vary depending on calendar of Adoption Events.

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