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Volunteer Positions

Financial Manager

Responsibilities: Oversees all finance functions of the organization. Responsible for managing investment accounts plus reviewing and submitting the annual budget. Work closely with the Finance Team to review and account for all organization expenditures, approve purchases and issue reimbursements. Manage organization budget; Tax preparation and filing.

  • Receive, record and appropriately deposit all revenue

  • Prepare and deliver financial statements as required

  • Maintain all necessary and reasonable financial records

  • Prepare, execute and record all expenditures

Requirements: Accounting background a plus; organization and attention to detail.

Time Commitment: 10 hrs/month *This is a virtual opportunity

Community Outreach Coordinators

Responsibilities: Help promote adoption events, fundraisers and special pets via Next Door, elist, etc., in specific neighborhoods. May also provide educational materials on animal welfare resources available to neighborhoods or participate in special projects.

Requirements: Volunteers should have a strong commitment to animal rescue, great working knowledge of the adoption process and enjoy working with people as well as knowledge of animal welfare challenges.

Time Commitment: Flexible schedule and ongoing commitment. Multiple positions

Database & Documentation Editor

Responsibilities: Provide administrative support and data management for the following:

  • Adoptive parent data management

  • Update and maintenance of adoption applications and related information

  • Adopter Monthly correspondence

  • Maintenance of Medical Files (paper/electronic)

  • Maintenance of mailing lists/communication

  • Inventory Management/supplies

Requirements: Organizational and administrative skills; tech savvy.

Time Commitment: Varies; up to 10 hrs/month *This is a virtual opportunity

Inventory Manager

Responsibilities: Maintain inventory database of supplies. Request and coordinate pick up or drop off of items.

Requirements: Good communication and organization skills, database management skills a plus.

Time Commitment:  hrs/month *This is a virtual opportunity

Inventory Transport

Responsibilities: Working with Inventory Manager, pick up and distribute donated items.

Requirements: Good communication skills and a reliable large vehicle.

Time Commitment:10  hrs/month

Legal Administrative Support Advisor

Responsibilities: Ensure PRH is in compliance with all relevant laws related to our non-profit organization, review policy, language and agreements related to adoption services. Provide administrative support to board president to ensure compliance and efficiency. Willing to engage in research and provide project management support where needed.

Requirements: Tax Law, Legal (General) skills, interest in nonprofit management

Time Commitment: 10 hrs/month

*This is a virtual opportunity

Leadership Development Manager

Responsibilities: Promote strategic learning and knowledge sharing internally and externally. The goals for this position are to improve volunteer effectiveness, engagement and retention.

Requirements: Embody PRH values and ethics and an enthusiasm for our purpose; experience in delivering leadership development programs necessary.

Time Commitment: 10 hrs/month

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