Behavior Program

Pets Return Home primarily accepts dogs with behavior or medical issues from reputable animal rescues, municipal shelters and the Verde Valley Community as space permits. These dogs are usually saved from the kill-list at shelters, the unadoptable list for rescues or by owner surrenders.

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Our work involves resetting the behavior of a dog using a variety of methods. We ensure successful behavior in our dogs in the following steps:

Step 1: 3 Day Quarantine

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Every dog that arrives at our facility is placed in a three day quarantine. During this time they see, smell, hear and feel the surrounding environment without fear. The routines of the humans, the other dogs and external influences are presented to them without their involvement. This initial observation time allows them to determine the rank of each dog in each pack on the property and learn which humans are their primary caregivers and leaders. Likewise, the humans and other dogs at the facility have the opportunity to assess the 'new student'. This introduction period is paramount to the success of our programs.

Step 2: Full Assessment

After the initial assessment, each dog has continuous assessments to customize the behavior development program. We start by verifying the dogs current known voice and hand commands, we then expose them to unknown commands and then we introduce them to our three packs to determine Socialization skills. There is no 'cookie cutter' approach to behavior development at Pets Return Home, each dog has a program customized to it's needs.

Step 3: Time to be a Dog

After assessments at the ranch, each dog is taken off property for 1-5 mile hikes and swims at least 3 times a week (depending on weather). The dogs are taken both with a pack and individually depending on their level of development and needs. This process gives the dogs courage to try new things and builds trust and confidence with their leader. We see the most improvement during this process. Interested in hiking or swimming with our dogs? Become a volunteer today!

Step 4: Ready to Go Home

We work hard to gain a dog's trust and confidence. We spend weeks, months and sometimes years getting to know our dogs. We know all there is to know about what to expect at home. That's why every family adopting from Pets Return Home receives post adoption training and instructions tailored for the dog they adopt. When adopting a new pet it's important every new family continues to work to earn and build the bond, leadership and respect necessary to keep the dog stable, anageable and part of the family.

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