Save a Mom Program

At Pets Return Home, we are always looking for ways to keep the population down. Many times, pregnant momma dogs are dumped at the shelter where their puppies are either euthanized or separated from the mom too early. This can cause behavior problems due to lack of important socialization, ending back at the shelter as an adult. The misbreeding cycle has to be stopped and we are on a mission to help.

Pets Return Home Ranch is a busy place with many volunteering opportunities to enhance the life and safety of dogs needing human contact and love! You are sure to learn new skills as well as experience personal growth.
We train all volunteers on safety, safe handling of the dogs, behavior recognition and assessment, proper cleaning, medication distribution and other skills.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Benefits of Volunteering

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Feel the pleasure and fulfillment that helping animals who need us the most brings.

Learn new skills and experience personal and professional growth.

Form lifelong connections with people who love animals just as much you!

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